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We monitor local government including county, city, school and other special district meetings and notify you when topics you care about are being acted on. GovAlert is your one-stop shop for municipal meetings.

What’s a GovAlert?
A GovAlert is a one-month subscription of timely notices we email whenever subscriber’s keywords are found in local government documents like agendas, myriad support documents and minutes.

Benefits to you

  • Monitor one or many government meetings
  • You create every GovAlert – unlimited topics
  • You’ll stop worrying about lost opportunities
  • You’ll save a lot of time
  • You’ll make a difference!
Launch-2013-100_crosshatch Our mission is to empower anyone with information they need to better engage with their local government. Don’t let another meeting slip by. Get your free GovAlerts today and start being part of the process.

Jerry Hall, CEO


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